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Presentation Topics: Note: Dr. Treadway enjoys conducting a live clinical interview as part of his presentations

Couple Therapy 

Treating Couples Well: A Practical Guide to Collaborative Couple Therapy Workshop


Couples come into treatment presenting a wide array of issues: communication, conflict, sexuality, affairs, parenting, mental illness, substance abuse, multi-generational family problems etc. Couples often struggle with too many of these issues all at the same time. Dr. David Treadway’s innovative collaborative model of organizing couples therapy helps the patients design their own treatment plan. This seminar will demonstrate how to give couples choice whether to work on making changes in the here and now, focus on healing from the wounds of their past, or visit the dynamics of their family of origin. Dr. Treadway will demonstrate with video, role play, and discussion how this model helps couples invest in their own treatment, learn how to collaborate respectfully, and tolerate living with unresolved issues while working on changing one aspect of their relationship at a time.

In addition to demonstrating this collaborative model of organizing couples treatment, Dr. Treadway will also present a wide range of therapeutic strategies, protocols, and interventions for the many typical problems that couples present. A special emphasis will be on how to make “homework” work. This seminar will demonstrate how to engage and motivate couples to do homework and show the transformational impact on treatment when couples do follow through.

Upon completion of this seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Describe workable techniques that help couples contract for a customized approach to therapy;
  • Present methods that help couples assess their treatment priorities without blame;
  • Outline strategies to address resistance and motivate couples to do therapeutic homework;
  • Identify 3 specific therapeutic strategies and protocols applicable to 3 common couples’ issues;
  • Become much more skillful at motivating couples to do “homework” and utilize the couples’ experience of their homework in sessions;
  • Develop comfort and skill working with couples’ sexuality and intimacy issues;
  • Learn how to use the Amends and Forgiveness protocol;
  • Integrate an effective treatment model for working with couples one or both of whom have an addiction to alcohol or other substances of abuse;
  • Identify and learn to work with own countertransference issues.
  • Address effectively couples in crisis
  • Utilize the “Therapeutic Separation Protocol for couples needing time apart
  • Help couples learn how to balance couple issues with parenting issues


 Grief / Loss / Suicide (Descriptions available upon request)

1) Good Grief: Learning how to help clients and yourselves grieve well

2) Holding on for Dear Life: Working with Suicidality and Survivors of a Suicide


Family (Descriptions available upon request)

1) The Crisis of Change: Helping Parents & Children Handle the Trauma of a Separation, Divorce & Remarriage.

2) The Challenges of the Leaving Home Stage of Family Life; Working with Adolescents in Family Therapy


For the Therapist (Descriptions available upon request)

1) Our Calling:The Joys and Sorrows, Challenges and Fulfillment of Being a Therapist

2) Keeping the Spark Alive: Burnout, Grief & Spirituality in Clinical Practice and Everyday Life


Substance Abuse (Descriptions available upon request)

1) Before It’s Too Late: Working with Substance Abuse in the Family

2) Family Treatment of Adolescent Substance Abuse: Who Owns the Problem – Parents or Kids?


Families and Illness

Dr Treadway and his physican wife and two sons present “A Family Portrait of Cancer and Healing” for professional and public audiences. This workshop is about how families can cope with illness and crises.


What workshop attendees are saying about David Treadway’s workshops . . .

“Dr. Treadway has a wonderful ability to interact & engage the audience. He is thoughtful, humorous, engaging, animated, humble & honest.”

“Very good speaker; excellent presentation. Dr. Treadway is a laser beam to the soul.”

“This was a great topic with a crisp presentation, useful and enhancing ideas – valuable material wonderfully presented.”

“This was a well chosen speaker who did a fabulous job . . . he is compassionate and caring, as well as extremely knowledgeable.”

“Excellent – important information – needed in the professional arena in order to effectively and appropriately work with couples.”

“Dr. T was excellent! He challenged us to look at our old approaches.”

“Knowledgeable speaker, good hand-outs, great humor. Enjoyed his presentation style plus the good, useful content.”

“Dr. T was very well prepared and knowledgeable . . . I learned a lot.”

“Excellent; great clinical examples . . . pace was good.”

“Dr. T’s techniques enhance the skills I already have & will make them much more valuable in my practice.”

“Excellent speaker – dynamic, knowledgeable, great examples clearly presented with humor and sensitivity. Dr. Treadway is a dynamo!”

“David was honest & sensitive about the issues, strengths & weaknesses of those in this profession.”

“Awesome! Extremely engaging, wonderful integration of complex stuff – great experience.”

“Very well-prepared presenter. Great to be able to laugh while discussing grief and learning new ways to help.”

About David’s Practice

Dr. Treadway has been working with couples, families, and individuals for 45 years. He is a hands-on coach and counselor who teaches a wide variety of relationship skill teachings while providing insight, compassion and a lifetimes accumulation of learnings. He is in practice in Harvard, Ma.

His sessions are not covered by insurance and cost $300 an hour. Please visit his contact page to message him.


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