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If you’re looking for information on a particular cancer and starting at square one, your best first stop for the most reliable and up to date information are these well-known organizations. They are also excellent gateways for finding more information about causes, treatments, support groups, and other resources.


American Cancer Society

Cancerwise, a monthly downloadable publication from the MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas includes articles on the most recent treatments and information on cancer:

Clinical Trials. Your doctors will not always be up to date on clinical trials for testing new treatments for your particular cancer. The National Cancer Institute has a database at

The HelpBook is downloadable from the Cancer Research Institute at and features not only reliable general information about cancer but an excellent guide for what to do after you’re diagnosed, and what to ask and how to talk with your doctor.

HealthLink  The Ohio State University Medical Center offers a free online interactive tool for the entire family to measure each person’s risk of specific cancers or coronary disease. The assessment takes about 10 minutes and will help you focus your screening and prevention efforts.

Journal of the National Cancer Institute is written for professionals but many of the articles are understandable by lay people, and it features some of the most up to date information on treatments, treatment guidelines, supportive care and other issues. It has a searchable database. Many of the articles cost approximately $32 but a substantial number are also free.

National Cancer Institute

Support Groups

Cancer Hope Network matches cancer patients with survivors

CancerCare  offers financial advice and free telephone and online support groups for people with cancer and caregivers led by oncology social workers

Gilda’s Club has clubhouses across North America where anyone 13 years and older can call or stop by for support and information.

Teen Connector is a Canadian social networking site for teens aged 12-19 with cancer. Teenagers share  their photos, stories, and experiences. Mentors stay in close Internet and personal contact.

The Wellness Community includes articles on coping with cancer and information on helping to manage  the high costs of medical care

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